Apple iOS 11 Is Expected to be the Best Ever Released by the Developer

The world of technology has come across a number of new things over the last few years. In fact, since the advent of the twenty-first century, the changes have started to come in. Obviously, it is not possible that the changes have started to come in all of a sudden. It has been a gradual change, and if we take a look at the trend, it is from the fall of the first decade of this century that the changes have become much more prominent. Definitely, the seeds have been sown much earlier.

And talking about the changes which have come in, we need to talk about the top companies which have had an immense contribution. There are a number of top companies situated in the different parts of the world who have done so. But among those, it we have to pick few up one of the names which will certainly be there is Apple. There is no doubt that other companies have made such huge contributions but it is Apple who has managed to stay on the top of the biggest contributors.

And as we are slowly approaching the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century, we can expect that further new things to come in. And the first thing that has grabbed the attention is Apple iOS 11( The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which took place at San Jose has already launched the Beta of iOS 11. And there’re quite a lot of things to talk about the new launch.

iOS-11-beta version launched at WWDC

 The first and foremost thing which has managed to grab the attention of the experts, as well as the fans of Apple, is the updated Siri. It has been revealed that Siri will come with new updates which will sound much more natural. Siri will be able to translate any statement to quite a number of new languages, and these include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and even Chinese.

Also, a new feature has been brought in which will definitely help the drivers while driving a car. This’s because there are quite a few new options that will make things much easier for the person who is holding the steering. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ option is perhaps the best of the lot for that will prevent the Apple device running on the Apple iOS 11 from showing any notification until and unless it is an urgent one. And that can be manually set as well. So this is something really great if we think about iOS 11 bringing these new things.

Regarding the release date of the Apple iOS 11, there has been no update officially. But then there is no lack of rumors and speculations regarding the upcoming update of the software. And it is speculated that it is going to be during the launch of the much-awaited new edition of the Apple iPhone that the iOS 11 will be released. And that sets up the month of September as the probable release date of the Apple iOS 11 alongside the other devices.