ShareIt: Best Wireless Software For Sharing Files?

ShareIt is the best wireless sharing tool which serves best in transferring files from one device to another. It was first launched in China in June 2012. Nowadays this app is better known by the name ‘anyshare’ app. In Lenovo devices such as tablets, smart phones and laptop, ShareIt is one of the installed apps by default. But in the recent years, ShareIt is vastly used in those mobile products which support multi platforms like Windows, Android and iOS.

Is ShareIt the Best Wireless Sharing Software?

With development in the field of mobile technologies, several applications were designed in order to create a seamless sharing option between two devices. Then with all hard works of human power, arrived ShareIt offering high speed sharing. In providing more functions, in fixing the minor errors or even in improving the interface, ShareIt has always worked best to give a seamless sharing option.

ShareIt gives a crucial competition to Zender which is another application to transfer files. But whoever it is in the queue, ShareIt remains to be the fastest and the best transferring application. Eliminating the needs of Bluetooth, cable along with phone network, ShareIt serves the best!

Mentioned below are few key specs and advantages of ShareIt app. So the new comers if you are not aware of all these, then please have a look.

  • SHAREit For Android the compact capacity is only 5.6 MB
  • Users can easily detect themselves if they are in the range, only if all devices have ShareIt on them.
  • Luckily no internet connection is needed to use the app Shareit.
  • Consists of a simple and easy interface so that users don’t get confused.
  • Large files videos get transferred easily with a few seconds.
  • Videos, images, movies or even important documents! Everything can be shared if you have ShareIt installed.
  • A feature of auto detecting and connecting option is also present in Shareit.
  • With just one click on ‘invite,’ there you are! Inviting a friend is that easy in Shareit.

Well, perfection is just a creator of illusion. Nothing is perfect, not even any application. Besides the advantages, ShareIt too has some negligible disadvantages but surely, that don’t affect its features anyway. Mentioned below are some of them. We can just have a look in order to increase the knowledge about ShareIt.

  • It is required that all the devices have ShareIt installed; otherwise sharing data can never happen via ShareIt.
  • Distance is a factor. Only in short distance, the connection is possible.
  • Malware or viruses may or may not be present in ShareIt. Therefore, before using the app users are requested to install any antivirus so that the device is not harmed.
  • ShareIt cannot support in MAC OS X.
  • ShareIt occupies 29.6MB when it comes to iOS devices, and a version of IOS 6.0 or more is required.

Apart from the defects, ShareIt is just wonderful in offering best wireless sharing and is available in 39 languages including Russian, French, English and many more. So what are you waiting for? Go ShareIt!