LG G6 to come with Google Assistant

LG has successfully managed to have a good name in the market for the launch of its revolutionary smart phones that have all the needed features and specifications that makes it worth the amount charged. After the success in the market with the LG G5 the company has planned to come up with its latest production which according to them is going to be a tough competition in the market against the other big manufacturers who are planning to come up with their share. Not only are we surrounded with a large number of rumors about the latest flagship LG G6 we are eager to know about the various added features and specifications that the smart phone is going to come up with. Previously, LG claimed that it is going to go with an all glass body and this did excite us considerably. Now according to the latest LG’s upcoming flagship which is the much talked about LG G6, will be coming with Google’s AI assistant. IN order to find out more about this read the article to the end. Samsung Galaxy s8 is coming with 831 SOC processor.


Starting with the news itself we hear that LG has planned to cooperate with other companies that include big shots like Google and Amazon in order to improve its latest launch. Sources suggests that ┬áthe Google Assistant will also appear in LG G6 along with other LG products, including two upcoming LG smart watches. But according to Google it is currently working on its own pair of smart watches. Reports also suggest that LG will also come with the Google Assistant built-in in their latest flagship. Whether the assistant will be a part of the latest flagship of LG depends on its partnership with Google. We even hear about LG having a partnership with Amazon, but the validation is not confirmed as of yet. LG G6 is expected to launch at MWC 2017, which is probably on February 26. We also got to know recently that LG is reportedly planning to make its smart phone waterproof in order to compete with companies like Apple and Samsung. Therefore, LG G6 is also planning to go for the whole water resistant feature. Then we have the all glass body design which is going be a big step along with the addition of the removal of swappable battery which its competitors could not offer. While LG has planned to do away with the ability to remove or replace the LG G6’s battery, it will also try and make up for that by including the whole new wireless charging capabilities , adding to that is the new LG pay which will be using Magnetic Secure Transmission similar to Samsung Pay.

So with this we can say that we are looking forward for the launch of the next flagship of LG which is the LG G6 and in terms of a revolutionary model this is going to be one such to be looked forward to. With this all we can do is wait for the launch of the smart phone and expect it to do wonders for us.