iPhone 7 pro- all that is there to know!

It will be third time in the series of events that Apple would be launching a new version of the iPhone variants, last year it was an iPhone Plus and this year it will be an iPhone Pro. It is confirmed that on 16 of September Apple will be launching the next generation iPhones in the world, the 7th series will have so much more to explore with exciting new features of Pro variant.


For starters if we look for the-

SCREEN: the new iPhone pro will be having a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen same as an iPhone 7 plus.

CAMERA: the iPhone 7 Pro will be having a dual camera lens which will help to shot the photos or HD videos. The same technique has been used before in the past with different brands. The dual camera lenses were used before to shoot 3D videos, but it’s not confirmed that apple will be having the same use of the feature, but what Tim Cook has promised that the picture quality would be as good as a DSLR and once the pictures are taken it would be having an option of re-focusing them. Yes! that’s smart thinking!!

CHIPSET: The Pro variant of iPhone 7 would be having the chipset of A10 which would be as fast as the A9X chipset in the new iPad Pro and 3GB of RAM would be given in the phone to make the best of the lot. On the other hand, other variants including iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus would be having only 2GB of memory.

BACKUP: if we talk about the battery backup of this new iPhone 7 Pro, it will be stellar than the other siblings. iPhone 7 would likely to have 20% more battery backup as compared to the previous year’s model that is iPhone 6S.

MEMORY: oh geez! This would be a shocker peeps, this brand new iPhone comes with a huge amount of storage option, the sources have confirmed that the new iPhone 7 pro would be out with a 256GB of storage variant. If Apple would launch this, it will be the highest memory or storage phone Apple has ever manufactured. In the previous models or in the base variants of iPhone 7 Apple could only be get higher as 128GB.

ANTENNA STRIPS: in all the variants of iPhone 7, including PRO version, Apple has done something out of order, the redesigning of antenna strips. Instead of putting bars at the back of iPhone as likely seen in iPhone 6S, they have redesigned it on the top and the bottom side of the back of the iPhone 7. The upcoming iphone will come with iOS 10.