ShareIt: Best Wireless Software For Sharing Files?

ShareIt is the best wireless sharing tool which serves best in transferring files from one device to another. It was first launched in China in June 2012. Nowadays this app is better known by the name ‘anyshare’ app. In Lenovo devices such as tablets, smart phones and laptop, ShareIt is one of the installed apps by default. But in the recent years, ShareIt is vastly used in those mobile products which support multi platforms like Windows, Android and iOS.

Is ShareIt the Best Wireless Sharing Software?

With development in the field of mobile technologies, several applications were designed in order to create a seamless sharing option between two devices. Then with all hard works of human power, arrived ShareIt offering high speed sharing. In providing more functions, in fixing the minor errors or even in improving the interface, ShareIt has always worked best to give a seamless sharing option.

ShareIt gives a crucial competition to Zender which is another application to transfer files. But whoever it is in the queue, ShareIt remains to be the fastest and the best transferring application. Eliminating the needs of Bluetooth, cable along with phone network, ShareIt serves the best!

Mentioned below are few key specs and advantages of ShareIt app. So the new comers if you are not aware of all these, then please have a look.

  • SHAREit For Android the compact capacity is only 5.6 MB
  • Users can easily detect themselves if they are in the range, only if all devices have ShareIt on them.
  • Luckily no internet connection is needed to use the app Shareit.
  • Consists of a simple and easy interface so that users don’t get confused.
  • Large files videos get transferred easily with a few seconds.
  • Videos, images, movies or even important documents! Everything can be shared if you have ShareIt installed.
  • A feature of auto detecting and connecting option is also present in Shareit.
  • With just one click on ‘invite,’ there you are! Inviting a friend is that easy in Shareit.

Well, perfection is just a creator of illusion. Nothing is perfect, not even any application. Besides the advantages, ShareIt too has some negligible disadvantages but surely, that don’t affect its features anyway. Mentioned below are some of them. We can just have a look in order to increase the knowledge about ShareIt.

  • It is required that all the devices have ShareIt installed; otherwise sharing data can never happen via ShareIt.
  • Distance is a factor. Only in short distance, the connection is possible.
  • Malware or viruses may or may not be present in ShareIt. Therefore, before using the app users are requested to install any antivirus so that the device is not harmed.
  • ShareIt cannot support in MAC OS X.
  • ShareIt occupies 29.6MB when it comes to iOS devices, and a version of IOS 6.0 or more is required.

Apart from the defects, ShareIt is just wonderful in offering best wireless sharing and is available in 39 languages including Russian, French, English and many more. So what are you waiting for? Go ShareIt!

LG G6 to come with Google Assistant

LG has successfully managed to have a good name in the market for the launch of its revolutionary smart phones that have all the needed features and specifications that makes it worth the amount charged. After the success in the market with the LG G5 the company has planned to come up with its latest production which according to them is going to be a tough competition in the market against the other big manufacturers who are planning to come up with their share. Not only are we surrounded with a large number of rumors about the latest flagship LG G6 we are eager to know about the various added features and specifications that the smart phone is going to come up with. Previously, LG claimed that it is going to go with an all glass body and this did excite us considerably. Now according to the latest LG’s upcoming flagship which is the much talked about LG G6, will be coming with Google’s AI assistant. IN order to find out more about this read the article to the end. Samsung Galaxy s8 is coming with 831 SOC processor.


Starting with the news itself we hear that LG has planned to cooperate with other companies that include big shots like Google and Amazon in order to improve its latest launch. Sources suggests that  the Google Assistant will also appear in LG G6 along with other LG products, including two upcoming LG smart watches. But according to Google it is currently working on its own pair of smart watches. Reports also suggest that LG will also come with the Google Assistant built-in in their latest flagship. Whether the assistant will be a part of the latest flagship of LG depends on its partnership with Google. We even hear about LG having a partnership with Amazon, but the validation is not confirmed as of yet. LG G6 is expected to launch at MWC 2017, which is probably on February 26. We also got to know recently that LG is reportedly planning to make its smart phone waterproof in order to compete with companies like Apple and Samsung. Therefore, LG G6 is also planning to go for the whole water resistant feature. Then we have the all glass body design which is going be a big step along with the addition of the removal of swappable battery which its competitors could not offer. While LG has planned to do away with the ability to remove or replace the LG G6’s battery, it will also try and make up for that by including the whole new wireless charging capabilities , adding to that is the new LG pay which will be using Magnetic Secure Transmission similar to Samsung Pay.

So with this we can say that we are looking forward for the launch of the next flagship of LG which is the LG G6 and in terms of a revolutionary model this is going to be one such to be looked forward to. With this all we can do is wait for the launch of the smart phone and expect it to do wonders for us.

Xiaomi MI6 Vs Xiaomi MI MIX Pro Vs Xiaomi MI Note 2

The upcoming Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi will soon be unveiling its next best level handset named Xiaomi Mi6 amidst high anticipations. There have been series speculations doing rounds as the following smartphones’ release date comes near. It can also be noted that the respective brand has modified itself so as to set up standards in the competitive market hence giving tough competition to its core rivals.


If we take a glimpse of the soon-to-be launched Xiaomi MI 6/MI MIX Pro/MI Note 2, then vary weary differences could be noted. The list has been given below thus giving you an idea of the best deal for the purchases, is required. Xiaomi MI 6 prime features are it supported by Snapdragon 835 quad core CPU, wherein other handset just limits to Snapdragon 625 or more. Rendering over 4GB RAM with an expandable memory of 64GB along with 125GB at max, it can be availed in three different colours of blue, black and  white. Moreover, one purchases it with 5.2 inch screen with a double-curved design.

Supported by MIUI 8 OS, Xiaomi MI6 may equal its sales with MI MIX Pro as well as MI Note2. Also, all three phones are 4G LTE voice support so that consumers may settle at easy buys. With dual camera, rear and front almost the same in all, the brand new handsets from Xiaomi wil be a tough competition for rival brands like Samsung, Apple, Google, etc  in the market.

Xiaomi MI MIX Pro comes with features of Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Quad Core processor 2.35 GHz, 6.00 GB with 256GB expandable memory, 5 MP rear cameras with 16M front and Full HD Camera, PDAF. With a dimension of 158.80*81.90 *7.90 mm, the battery power is 4400mAh. Display of the latest Xiaomi phone is 6.44 inch 2040 x 1080 Full HD Resolutions. The phone is supported by Marshmallow v6 OS. Release date is yet to be announced.

Xiaomi MI Note 2 comes with unique specifications of Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 quad core CPU. The dimension being 156.2 x 77.3 x 7.6 mm (6.15 x 3.04 x 0.30 in), it comes with 5.7 inch screen. Having 6GB RAM, the expandable memory varies from 64GB to 128GB. It has 22.5MP camera with no dual interface. The battery is 4070 mAh with sensor possessing fingerprint (front-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, etc. Appearing in three bold colours of Black, Gold and Silver, the respective device can be purchased in Rs. 8,000 to 8.700. The device has already been launched on November 2016.

Therefore, world’s one of the most respected and trusted brands Xiaomi is heading towards a high leap where it will surely capture the market at every trance. Until then, stay connected with us for latest updates on Xiaomi MI 6.

Best New Year Party Decoration Ideas

New Year is that time of the year when people get together to spend some quality fun time with their near and dear ones. There are times when one plans to host a special party so that they can invite their close friends and enjoy themselves till midnight when it is time to wish a New year 2017 to each other.

decoration ideas for new year party

new year party decoration ideas

Those who want to throw a good party need to come up with the right plan to decorate the house for a party. Such decoration requires proper planning and many times, one runs out of proper ideas to make the best of the party. So here we provide some of the helpful tips as to decorate ones house beautifully ready for a party .One can go through the list of New Year 2017 Party Decoration Ideas and choose the right one to decorate their house.

Here are some of the New Year 2017 Party Decoration Ideas

  • One can decorate their house with the theme of a carnival and exciting happy new year images where lots of balloons as well as decorative papers can be used just to make the house look lively and fun.
  • One can go with sequence colour code where two colours can be used to make the house look classy yet fun. One can even have matching plates and hats that would go perfectly with the theme of the party.
  • Decorations can also include interesting items like a photo booth so that the guests can have a good time clicking photographs in the best way possible just to enjoy the New Years Eve.
  • A all balloon theme would be a good idea for party decoration for new year 2017 party. The entire house can be decorated with colorful balloons along with having hats and plats that would have balloons in them. One can even ask the guests to wear clothes that have prints of balloons in them, just to increase the effect of the decoration.
  • A theme for the party decoration can also be all glass. Where one can make use of glasses for instance the plate and the decoration of the house for a New Year’s party 2017.

In conclusion, these are some of the New Year 2017 Party Decoration Ideas that one can choose for their New Years party decoration so that the guests can have a good time. We wish you all a Happy New Year in advance and hope that the New Year brings a lot of joy and happiness in everyone’s life.

iPhone 7 pro- all that is there to know!

It will be third time in the series of events that Apple would be launching a new version of the iPhone variants, last year it was an iPhone Plus and this year it will be an iPhone Pro. It is confirmed that on 16 of September Apple will be launching the next generation iPhones in the world, the 7th series will have so much more to explore with exciting new features of Pro variant.


For starters if we look for the-

SCREEN: the new iPhone pro will be having a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen same as an iPhone 7 plus.

CAMERA: the iPhone 7 Pro will be having a dual camera lens which will help to shot the photos or HD videos. The same technique has been used before in the past with different brands. The dual camera lenses were used before to shoot 3D videos, but it’s not confirmed that apple will be having the same use of the feature, but what Tim Cook has promised that the picture quality would be as good as a DSLR and once the pictures are taken it would be having an option of re-focusing them. Yes! that’s smart thinking!!

CHIPSET: The Pro variant of iPhone 7 would be having the chipset of A10 which would be as fast as the A9X chipset in the new iPad Pro and 3GB of RAM would be given in the phone to make the best of the lot. On the other hand, other variants including iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus would be having only 2GB of memory.

BACKUP: if we talk about the battery backup of this new iPhone 7 Pro, it will be stellar than the other siblings. iPhone 7 would likely to have 20% more battery backup as compared to the previous year’s model that is iPhone 6S.

MEMORY: oh geez! This would be a shocker peeps, this brand new iPhone comes with a huge amount of storage option, the sources have confirmed that the new iPhone 7 pro would be out with a 256GB of storage variant. If Apple would launch this, it will be the highest memory or storage phone Apple has ever manufactured. In the previous models or in the base variants of iPhone 7 Apple could only be get higher as 128GB.

ANTENNA STRIPS: in all the variants of iPhone 7, including PRO version, Apple has done something out of order, the redesigning of antenna strips. Instead of putting bars at the back of iPhone as likely seen in iPhone 6S, they have redesigned it on the top and the bottom side of the back of the iPhone 7. The upcoming iphone will come with iOS 10.

How to track your order on Jabong

How to track order on Jabong: Any user can track his/her order on Jabong and for which the steps from signing up to tracking of order have been mentioned below including placing the order as well. The steps are very simple and the user just need to follow them:

While placing an order on jabong, it is necessary for the user to sign up on Jabong. So, user needs to sign up ffirst and enter his/ her basic details (i.e. first name, last name, email address, mobile no.). During signing up process, Jabong sends a confirmation mail on users email address to verify the details and user needs to click on “Click Here” button available in the mail to activate his/her Jabong account. If you are having any problem regarding this, just call to Jabong customer care.

Track jabong order

Now user gets a Jabong account with which he/ she needs to login to place an order. After login the user just need to search for the item he/ she want to purchase from Jabong. When the user finalises the product, there is a button available “Add to bag” at which he/ she should click to shop for the item.

Now a dialog box automatically pops up and disappears as well within few seconds which asks the user to “View the Bag”. As soon as the user click on “View the Bag” button, he/she is directed to the page where the user has selected all the items to buy.

On this page, user needs to click on “Place order” button which will open a new page that asks the user his/ her address details (PIN Code, mobile no., alternate mobile no., residential of office address etc.) where the user’s items are to be delivered.

When the user fills in all the details successfully, the user is directed another page which asks the user to pay for the items by clicking on “Proceed to pay” button.

The user may opt for various payment options like, payment via credit card, payment via debit card, payment via net banking, payment on cash on delivery and payment from wallet. To pay from credit or debit card user needs to fill in his/her card details, payment via cash on delivery option verifies user’s contact no. first by sending a 4 digit code to user’s registered mobile no. and then user needs to enter that 4 digit code and and click on “Place Order” button. Which finally places user’s order.

When the order has been placed by the user, he/she can track his/her order very easily by clicking on the button “Hi Username*” button available on the user’s account at the top right hand side which has the various option but the user needs to click on “Orders” button.

Now order page gets opened where the user can see his/her placed orders within last 2 months. On this page there is a button “Track item” by clicking on which the user gets the tracking details off his/ her ordered item.

Advantages of PNB Net Banking

As we all know, Punjab National Bank is an multination bank and financial services company. Punjab National Bank is based out of New Delhi which was founded in the year 1894. The customer base of PNB bank is 80 million which is really awesome.

Punjab National Bank is one of the biggest bank In India, it ranks 4th in India. Now talking about the banks, there are a lot of services which are offered by PNB. Now let us check out what are the Advantages of PNB Net Banking.

So before getting started with the advantages, let us first discuss a little bit about internet banking. So basically internet banking means the banking services which are provided by bank online. Some of these services also include payment of bills, fund transfer, etc.


Internet banking is accessed and used through a computer usually, but due to the change in technology, you can now avail your online banking services through an mobile app on your smartphone which is really convenient.

Gone are the days when you used to go to the bank for each and every small thing. Now you can do everything online with the help of online banking. You can see all your transactions online and can also check your balance whenever you want.

A person’s life has become pretty simple because of the internet banking. This is probably the biggest innovation in the banking sector. The number of internet banking users are increasing day by day and even the banks are trying and adding more features.

Advantages of PNB Net Banking:-

  • The first and the most important thing is convenience. With the help of PNB net banking, you can now access your account whenever you want, 24 hours a day and 365 days an year.
  • With the help of PNB net banking, you can know your real-time account balance that too just with a few touches away. You don’t need to visit your bank to make any changes such as email ID or mobile number.
  • Internet banking of PNB is fast and essential, you can transfer funds from one account to another account fast.
  • You can manage more and more number of accounts through internet banking
  • With the help of internet banking, you can spy on all your transactions and can also see your account balance whenever you need it.
  • With all the latest upgrades in internet banking you can do each and everything online, that too without visiting your bank.

So this was our article on advantages of PNB net banking, do let us know in the comments section down below if you have any queries, we will definitely try to solve them.

Recharge It Now Customer Care Numbers: All Important Details

In India, the trend of e-commerce websites have grown so much that it is now the hub of major e-Commerce sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm and much more. But there is another giant that we may have forgotten, yes, Recharge It Now. Apparently, Recharge It Now is the oldest company from India that is still in business and is one of the leading companies in India. Here we are going to share all information about Recharge It Now Customer Care. The company began its operations in the year 1997 and since then the company has become a clear favorites. The service not only allows us to recharge our mobile phones but also our DTH service as well as the data card. You can get a recharge for any connection type like CDMA or GSM and that too has many carriers like Vodafone, TATA Docomo, Airtel and many more.

recharge it now customer care

What makes the Recharge It Now service unique is its customer care support and they have more than 98% success rate in terms of handling complaints of their customers. Well, there are many ways through which you can contact Recharge It Now officials, so let’s have a look at them.

Recharge It Now Customer Care Numbers

Like most recharge companies, Recharge It Now also has two customer care numbers through which you can tell them about your problems and get instant solutions. There customer care headquarters are not only located in India but also operates in Egypt, UAE as well as Sri Lanka. There are times when we make payment for some specific product or service, it fails due to network connection but because of this connection failure, the money gets deducted. To solve your complaints like these, Recharge It Now customer care executives are there for you 24 hours a day which makes it even more accessible.

Customer Care Numbers


Recharge It Now is a big company and to work upto their reputation, they had to do something great and they did it by providing one of the best customer support service which is at your service 24 hours a day. However, their customer care line is not free to reach. The idea of not giving a toll free number is not really appreciated but they manage to make up for that by giving 24 hour assistance for your complaints.

Customer Care Email Address

If you aren’t thrilled by the calling customer care facility then you will definitely be delighted to contact them via Email as they tend to take care of the emails even more. Usually, Recharge It Now gets back to you via their email in few hours and they will also give you a time frame for when your query or complaint will be resolved, if needed.

Recharge It Now has really changed the way a company should provide the customer service.

Rediffmail Customer Care Support Unit: Important Information

The major part of any organization is their customer care support unit. If the users/customers don’t turn out to be happy with the customer care services, chances are they will be disappointed and not prefer using/further accessing the same.  Therefore, in order to keep the customer engagement high, and the users stuck to ones services, the customer care unit must be effective and of course nicely structured. Let’s check some important information on Rediffmail Customer Care

Rediff customer care

Rediffmail as a company has never really failed its customers, and with what we have known, it has a nicely structured and organized customer care unit. Therefore, here, in this article, we will lay down before you the list of numbers, emails, or websites you can reach their customer care executives on.


The first thing that any one of us would want to do to reach out to any customer care executive is to give them a call. You can call on 092230-20000 to talk to Rediffmail customer care unit. You can reach out to them between 9am to 9pm on seven days of the week. Call them, and have your problem sorted and queries answered.


The next destination for reaching out to the customer care would be get assistance online via the website where you would be required to submit basic details along with their query/complain and the customer care unit would get back to them within 24 hours to 48 hours of business working days.


To get online assistance, you can refer to the official website for Rediffmail, that is You will be asked to make a comment stating your current problem and you will be reverted back by the customer care unit within 48 working hours. In case of any queries as to how to proceed, etc, you can as well refer to the FAQ so that any of the common questions can be answered from there itself, and you wouldn’t have to wait for long.


For a feedback or any complaint, there is an official email ID for Rediffmail as well and you can mail on  and here, the customer shall be replied back to within 24 to 48 hours business days by the Rediffmail customer support unit.


To receive any kind of help, (not a complaint), you can refer another email id: and have your questions answered.

And that was about it. All your queries shall be deal with at the quickest and in an organized manner!